Consulting the past

            Edward  Otter, Inc., provides cultural resource services, including archaeological, historical  and architectural history to meet the needs of the real estate development community, planners, architects, historical societies and others, whether it is a government agency, private development firm, civil engineers, or lenders.

            Dr. Edward Otter the founder and principal of Edward Otter, Inc. has his degree in Archaeology from Catholic University of America and has over 30 years of archaeological experience.  He exceeds  all necessary federal requirements for prehistoric and historic period archaeological studies.  Dr. Otter’s  experience includes archaeological research for private and federal land development projects including military installations, dredge/fill permits, residential development, commercial development, and historic
preservation.  His work has involved coordinating with state and Federal agencies, overseeing and conducting field and laboratory analysis, and preparing reports. He has been responsible for assessing the significance of cultural  resources found during investigations and for making recommendations regarding mitigation.

            In over 30 years of professional archaeological work, Dr. Otter has acquired a
broad range of experience in every phase of cultural resources management
including prehistoric and historic archaeology, historical research, and
architectural history.   Dr. Otter has
gained a close understanding of the Section 106 process and its relation to
standing historical resources through his fieldwork and his experience working
for the National Register of Historic Places.
Staff employed by Edward Otter, Inc. round-out the required expertise
for architectural studies.

 Project Experience